The mission of Cimino Designs is to provide a wide range of integrated design and educational services that are tailored to fit your specific needs.  Cimino Designs can help you make the most of rehearsal time, by creating designs that work within the structure you already have, and developing instructional plans to help achieve those designs.  Great designs and clinics are the ones that fit your program and give you the time you need to teach.  Because, in the end, the best educated programs will be the most successful.


       Since 1989, I’ve been working with marching bands, drum corps, winter guards and percussion programs of all levels.  In that time, I have won a DCI Championship as a performer.  As an instructor, groups that I taught have won 2 DCI Championships, 2 State Marching Band Championships and been BOA Grand National Finalists 6 times.

        Since 1996, I have been adjudicating marching bands in all aspects of the visual idiom.  In that time, I’ve judged numerous invitational contests and frequent YEA events,  including the ’07 USSBA Texas State, ‘07 USSBA Maryland State, ’10 USSBA New York State and the ’08 USSBA National Championships.



       Shows created by Cimino Designs have won awards in BOA, DCI, DCM, MACBDA, TOB, UIL, USSBA/USBands settings.  These awards include a DCM Championship, a MACBDA Championship, 3 USSBA/USBands State Championships, a TOB Chapter Championship and a BOA Regional Class Championship.  That is why over 90% of Cimino Designs marching band drills have been created for returning clients.



2nd Place Group VI Open USBands Northern Virginia Regional 9/26/15

1st Place AAAAA JMU Parade of Champions 10/17/15

Div. I rating, VBODA State Assessment 10/31/15

5th Place Group VI Open USBands Nationals 11/7/15